This Girl Got Warren Buffet & The Pope On Twitter

How can you create your dream life over your dream job? Claire Diaz Ortiz who called us from Buenos Aires Argentina, was the infamous Manager of Innovation at Twitter.


Hired on by Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone, she was tasked among other things, to direct the efforts of adding influencers (like the Pope or Warren Buffet) to the Twitter user base. Claire was also the first person to write a book on the platform called Twitter For Good.


Many of you might already know Claire from one of the 3 books she’s written,  or have seen her speak at leadership conferences, or you might just be one of her 336,000 followers on Twitter.

But one thing is true of Claire, she is a successful entrepreneur. She’s built a strong brand around blogging, speaking, and writing. Even more impressive, she’s done it all while managing to be a mother, wife, and world traveler.

In Today’s Interview You’ll Learn:

  • Claire’s story of transition from college to career to entrepreneur
  • What she thinks it takes to stand out in a noisy world
  • How to balance a work dream with a family dream
  • Claire’s favorite books, quotes, and wisdom

More About Claire Diaz-Ortiz

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  1. Jacqueline ramirez says:

    Hi Dale, just an fyi…I listen on my smartphone (galaxy) but there is literally no where I have been able to find to leave a review or rating. But of course I get some great takeaways every single time!

    • Sorry to hear that. For the time being you can go iTunes on your computer and give us a review. Thanks, Jacqueline!

  2. Jorge Vigoreaux says:

    I absolutely love her!!!!!!

  3. Shena stubbs says:

    Very motivating, great perspective. As a female and mother I connected with her.


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