Focus and Become Great with Greg Mercer

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How one man created a game-changing Amazon software business

Greg was stuck in a cubicle writing engineering reports. He was a civil engineer, after all. Yet his whole life, he’d had this entrepreneurial drive. He started by googling “how to make money online” and eventually began selling on Amazon. He got extremely good at it. So good, he started tracking Amazon product data in spreadsheets – and discovered a pattern that made him hit home-run product launches nearly every time. This excel sheet formula became Jungle Scout, a product data aggregator for Amazon that helps sellers find potential successful products to sell.

Learn about Greg’s transition from corporate life to traveling the world and starting a software company (even though he’s not a developer!), why “profit over passion” is an important business motto, and why you need to pick one marketing strategy right now – and stick with it. Listen now.


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