Think Like a Fixer with Bradley Tusk

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The Art of Disruption

If anything is standing in the way of launching your business, Bradley Tusk is your man. He’s done it all—high profile politics, tech startups, consulting, strategy, philanthropy. All with a disruptive edge.

His new book, appropriately titled The Fixer: My Adventures Saving Startups from Death by Politics, is the subject of this week’s The StartupCamp Podcast. In this episode, we chat with Bradley about his early days as campaign and communications director for big-wig New York politicians, how he helped Uber get up and running, and ways to get things done by being disruptive.disrupt

A “fixer” is usually described as someone who can make deals—typically with devious or illegal intent. That’s not at all the case for Bradley, though he is an artist when it comes to communicating the benefits of new companies to the government or regulating agencies. His portfolio with his VC firm, Tusk Ventures, reads like a list of dream startups; many of which wouldn’t have been able to launch without his political savvy.

Although his skills are rooted in communication, his drive comes from wanting big, bold ideas to reach consumers. His passion for innovation is inspiring and laced throughout all of his companies.

In this episode, Bradley shares stories from his book, as well as:

  • The cultural importance of your product
  • Identifying obstacles early
  • The value of building skill
  • Working for equity rather than salary

Not everyone will follow Bradley’s same path, but his journey will resonate with anyone looking to disrupt their industry. Check out The Fixer and give a listen to this week’s podcast.


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