How He Built A $2.1 Million E-Commerce Business: Chris Graebe

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When it comes to starting a business, most people have doubts.

I’m not sure if I could be an entrepreneur. I already have a full-time day job. I don’t have much money to throw into a new venture. How would I balance family life with even more work hours?

As everyday entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, this thought process is common among us. But as our guest, Chris Graebe, shares with us, these thoughts don’t have to stop us.

Chris Graebe

Chris Graebe–a full-time pastor, a husband, and a dad of five kids–started an e-commerce business that has grossed $2.1 million.

In this episode of StartupCamp Stories, Chris tells his story–how three years ago, he built an extremely profitable e-commerce business by working on it part-time at night after his family was asleep. He turned $4,000 into a $2.1 million business in only three years.

Sound too easy? Or does it sound intriguing? Are you now wondering “How?”

Gather ‘round the campfire, folks. It’s story time! Listen, be inspired, and learn something new!

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