Don’t Lose Your Authenticity with Rachel Cruze

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How Rachel Cruze found her passion and took responsibility for her future

As the daughter of Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze didn’t have a typical childhood. She learned how to budget at age nine, and when she was a teenager, someone at Ramsey Solutions had the bright idea to invite Rachel on stage at a weekend live event to be the spokesperson for a line of products aimed at kids.

That would frighten most – but Rachel learned that public speaking was her passion. She continued to make speaking part of her life by following in her father’s footsteps and creating her own brand all about preventing debt, becoming debt-free, and family budgeting. She’s the host of the Rachel Cruze Show, a YouTube channel and podcast devoted to saving and budgeting.

In this episode, Rachel tells us what it’s like to grow up under the wing of a successful entrepreneur and shares her passion for helping others. Listen now.

“I think for a lot of entrepreneurs, there’s just this belief that they can do anything and they can control their life.”

In the Ramsey household, Rachel grew up with the mindset that she could pursue whatever passion held her interest – but if she wanted to create her own business, she was responsible for it, as the business rises and falls with you. Entrepreneurs, she says, have this grit that propels them to create their own change instead of just living with what they’ve been dealt.

“In the name of being more sophisticated, it lost some of the hearts.”

Rachel wanted to refine her video creation process. Although she was used to and enjoyed the spontaneity of coming up with topics and speaking off the cuff, she decided to start writing scripts and change her delivery style on camera. She even brought in a teleprompter. The result? It wasn’t working. The very thing she enjoyed about speaking in front of a camera – the spontaneity – was lost in this new process. She had to re-examine what worked and remove what didn’t while still delivering a professional product.

“People crave authenticity.”

On video especially, people can sniff out insincerity, Rachel advises. That’s why it’s all the more important you speak or write about a topic that’s close to your heart. Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable with your audience.


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