Do Less, Achieve More with Michael Hyatt

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The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
The StartupCamp Podcast with Chris Graebe
Do Less, Achieve More with Michael Hyatt

How to get the right things done so you are free to focus on building your best life

More than eight years ago, Michael Hyatt shook off his job as CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers to start his own business. The problem? He couldn’t manage his own calendar. His email inbox was a mess. Doing administrative tasks was a pain—he wanted to bill for his time, not waste it doing internal, but necessary tasks.

The biggest lesson he’s learned in his many years since becoming a bestselling author, leadership coach, and productivity expert? You can’t scale your business unless you scale yourself. That means hiring people to help you out where you need it most, to free you up to do your most important work.

In this episode, Michael walks us through actionable lessons in his newest book, Freedom to Focus. Create a life where you can win every day by focusing your to-do list, learn about where you’re at on the Freedom Compass, and the most eloquent way to say no. Listen now.


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