How To Create A Killer Career With Jon Acuff

Do you feel like your career is slowly killing you over the next 30 years? Have you found yourself in debt, unhappy, and living a life that’s just mediocre? You’re not alone. A recent study from Gallup shows that nearly 70% of employees dislike their jobs.


My good friend (he’s the Godfather to our dog) and fellow author Jon Acuff wrote what Seth Godin called “The best career book of all time.” (no big deal, right?). In Jon’s book Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, & Never Get Stuck he brilliantly explains that somewhere along the journey of growing up, we forget we have control. We forget we can declare “do over” on our careers.

But Jon makes it clear that work doesn’t have to be a miserable bar-free prison we voluntarily serve time in until the parole of retirement. On the contrary work can be great. Work can have purpose, mastery, and excitement. Whether you change careers, launch a charity, or start your own business, loving your work is vital for loving your life.

What You Will Learn In Our Podcast:

  • Jon’s Story Of Mediocrity And How He Escaped
  • The Four Stages Of Life & How They Impact Your Dreams
  • 3 Basic Principles For Killing Fear
  • What Needs To Happen First, Before Any Transition

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Jon is a New York Times bestselling author of Start, Quitter, and Do Over. He’s also a professional blogger and keynote speaker giving presentations to over 200,000 people. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Nashville Tennessee.

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  1. I love the information provided. But how do you actually break the “I need to pay my bills” job jail and have your business actually take off!?

    • It’s a bit of an art. It takes time too. But a year from now, you’ll wish you started today. You should join our course. We would love to have you at Camp Kristy. 🙂

  2. Ivan Flores says:

    Hey Dale,
    I just started following your path and this was very good interview with the silky smooth Jon Acuff. I admire your work and look forward to more good material from you. I would pay for all your material but I am a poor student in a foreign country.

    Thanks for the inspiration man!

  3. Good info! What hit home for me was the deadlines comment. Those who fail to add structure & deadlines to their business FAIL or have to return to corporate 9-5 jobs.

    I’m good at coming up with ideas & leveraging my passion, excitement to drive forward the project to make it happen but if the passion or drive dies, the project does too. So starting today, I’m begun to really outline what I want to achieve PLUS deadlines to each project so there is a structured way to measure whether or not I’m making things happen or just humming along.


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