How It Feels To Break $100K With Connor Shelefontiuk

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How one Shopify entrepreneur turned $308 into $4 million.

Connor Shelefontiuk’s make-or-break moment came when he had $8 in his bank account.

He’d just burned his life savings on a failed Shopify store, learning a lot but not making money. He only had two options: go back to mopping floors, or borrow 300 bucks from a buddy and give it one more shot.

Connor took the loan from his friend…

Listen to the podcast to hear what happened next:

I’m honored to host Connor on this episode of The StartupCamp Podcast, where he’s sharing his crazy story and plenty of expert business advice related to eCommerce (and everything else).

But I’m especially thrilled to be introducing him as the newest StartupCamp Coach!

Connor transformed his life with Shopify. Since taking that mini-loan of $300 from his buddy (and adding in his own ample $8 bank account), he has launched 11 ultra-profitable Shopify companies and made over $4 million.

Now, Connor’s making it his mission to help others do the same with his new course, Shopify Freedom Formula.

On this awesome episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How it’s possible to launch a Shopify store for less than $100
  • What dropshipping is (and why it’s the future)
  • How Connor keeps his margins at 30-50%
  • What a client avatar is and how to create one

No matter your industry, I know you’re going to love hearing from Connor. He’s sharing advice and lessons that apply to every business.

If you think Shopify might be for you, check out Shopify Freedom Formula. This is one of the cheapest, smartest businesses to get into and the course is led by an absolutely incredible human, our own Connor Shelefontiuk.


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