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Five Question Friday

Each month I answer five incredible questions from the listeners of our show. We cover everything from leadership and entrepreneurship to marriage, finance, and marketing. But in this month’s episode, we go deep into topics many of us face yet few of us discuss.

Here Are This Month’s Five Questions

1. From Jessica Halbern in Colorado: It seems like everyone is winning except for me. How can I keep my spirits high about my dreams when I feel I have no reason to believe they will ever come about?

2. From Nicole Stroud in New York City: My business idea requires a pretty strong tech understanding. I have limited knowledge so what would you recommend as a way to start? Secondly, should I keep my idea private? I’m concerned with sharing the idea with people.

3. From Ali Burke in Fargo North Dakota: What advice do you have for wives with husbands who, despite their good intentions, struggle to set boundaries with work and find the right balance of business and family? Ultimately, how can wives best support and encourage their husband, reminding them to prioritize family, without coming across as nagging?

4. From Japheth Mast in Redding California: How do you stay true to yourself and your calling in business? On social media, you see so many different versions of success, and it’s tempting to try to be like them and look like them. But we are all different, and each one of us has our own unique path to take, so how can you focus on just being real, being you, and staying true to your calling?

5. From Andrew Denelsbeck: You talk about building an audience or a platform, what are some practical tips on how to do this? I’m starting a blog and trying to be more active on social media, but do you have some more in depth tips or resources on how to reach more people and build a following?

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Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge is the Founder of He's also a keynote speaker and author of the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling book People Over Profit.


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