Don’t follow your passion, follow your “different” with Christopher Lochhead

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How do you compete as a small business against giant corporations?

This is one of the best times to be an entrepreneur—but not niching down is a colossal mistake, according to Christopher Lochhead. He’s a multi-talented entrepreneur, marketer, and author.

And Christopher says that one of his “ah-ha” moments has been this: small businesses who don’t distinguish themselves are going to fail.

“It’s the people who are different that make the difference. ‘Follow your passion’ is really stupid advice. Follow your different is very good advice.”

In this compelling conversation, Christopher drills down on the idea of not being better, but embracing your different, and using that to make an impact on what matters most. Listen now.

Christopher Lochhead is terrible at math. He’s also dyslexic and he can never find his keys. Yet as a Silicon Valley marketer, he built and sold several successful companies, managed multi-million-dollar budgets, wrote bestselling books, and interviewed some of the world’s most brilliant minds on his popular podcast, Legends and Losers.

“It’s the struggles we choose that makes us who we are.”

Christopher believes that you can’t be a legend without being a loser, and those who roll with the punches and continue to preach what they love are the ones who are going to come out on top. On this podcast episode, he shares stories of small businesses succeeding despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, driving home the point that anyone who finds their strength and uses it to solve a problem can be an entrepreneur.

“My dream in life is that one day most people, rather than follow their incremental better, will follow their exponential different.”

Christopher is as passionate as he is engaging. From advertising blunders to small businesses creating unlikely successful products, you’re sure to have a few ah-ha moments of your own in this one.


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