What It Takes To Finish with Chris Graebe

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Are you living it to the fullest?

That’s the question that Chris Graebe wants us to ask ourselves. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover the best version of their dreams and then push past the fear that is getting in their way.

In fact, that’s exactly what brought him to us.

Today is a special day for me—and for all of StartupCamp—because on this episode of the StartupCamp Show, you get to properly meet Chris, our new director and podcast host here at StartupCamp. Please help me welcome Chris to the StartupCamp family!


For those that don’t already know him from his articles or social media, Chris Graebe has led an inspiring life: He grew up in a one-stoplight town in Indiana with plenty of early challenges. He went on to become a reality star on M.T.V.’s “Road Rules”, and then became a pastor. Finally, he started his own Amazon-based e-commerce business (on nights and weekends, while working as a pastor and raising his five kids), which in its first two years grossed over $2 million.

Chris’ passion is helping people push past fear to live the life they’ve always wanted. If we can say it humbly, that’s what makes him a perfect fit at StartupCamp. He also has some killer knowledge to share on starting an e-commerce business. You’ll learn why now is the right time to get into the e-commerce business and what it takes to get going.

Most entrepreneurs are ideators: great at starting, not so hot at sealing the deal. At StartupCamp, Chris is going to teach you—teach us—how to take our great ideas across the finish line.

Starting your own business is one click away

If you’re ready to begin this exciting journey, enroll in one of our courses and get started!



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