Photobooths And The Hospitality Industry with Chris Centracchio

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The hospitality industry is one that will never die, and as an entrepreneur in a niche market like Chris Centracchio’s, it’s exciting to realize that the market is not going anywhere. It takes elements of risk and creativity (entrepreneurs’ strengths) to have a hospitality business, which is what we talk about in today’s StartupCamp Stories podcast.

Chris Centraccio - Photobooth Planet Vermont

After being in campus ministry for 20+ years, Chris Centracchio decided it was time to pursue a side-hustle, one in which he could flex his creativity muscle.

Photobooth Planet Vermont, a photobooth rental company, went from being a part-time side hustle to his full-time business. His unique rentals are in high-demand across New England, and he’s learned a lot from the booming hospitality industry.

In the age of the selfie and instant gratification, he provides classic enclosed vintage photobooths as well as uniquely designed and built photobooths, like his delightful VW Photobuses, the vintage Bellows Booth, and his newest photobooth built into an airstream camper.

In this episode, Chris shares his company mission statement and some do’s and don’ts of the industry and business:

  • aim to “delight your clients” by learning what the market wants and over-delivering
  • don’t be intimidated by the competition, but instead see it as an indicator that you’re in the right market!
  • don’t coast through a good business – keep inventing and innovating, or it will stagnate and die
  • keep your home time and family time as sacred, so that you’re recharged and focused when you do work
  • put systems in place early in order to grow your business well as it expands

We’re excited to have him on the show this week!

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