How Building A Business For Less People Will Make You More Money with Ryan Michler

One of the top three failures of new entrepreneurs is starting a business (or blog) for too many people. In other words, their customers are anyone willing to spend a buck. In most cases, this bad strategy is fueled from amateur business owners who are desperate to pay their bills. But accepting money from anyone is actually the cause of many failed dreamers. Today’s guest blows it out of the water on how we should be structuring our dreams, ideas, and businesses into powerful niches that drive profits.

Today’s guest is my friend Ryan Michler who started the wildly popular blog OrderOfMan.com with a popular podcast under the same name. Ryan has rallied hundreds of thousands of people behind his brand which focuses specifically on manhood. Ryan is not only profitable but he’s growing rapidly. But more than that, Ryan is a loving husband, father, and as you’ll learn in today’s episode, a fantastic teacher of entrepreneurship.


So whether you’re a man or a woman, grab an axe and some whiskey because we’re about to chop your audience down to a tiny niche on today’s episode of the StartupCamp.com podcast.

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