Applying The Mindset Of A World-Champion Athlete To Business With Ben Bergeron

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What can crossfit teach us about business?

Great business, like great coaching, has to be transactional and transformational.

That means that you need to focus on measurable results and company culture, says Ben Bergeron. He’s the coach of six world champion crossfit athletes and, most recently, the author of Chasing Excellence.

But Ben is more than just a great coach. He’s also the owner of several successful crossfit gyms (“boxes”) and a SaaS subscription-based training company.

On this episode of The StartupCamp Podcast, Ben is teaching us how to apply the discipline and excellence-driven mindset of a world champion athlete to entrepreneurship. Listen now.mindset

What’s it like to train the fittest man in the world? And how can you apply those insights to your own business?

The qualities that make great athletes are essentially the same that make great business culture. According to Ben, it all boils down to being hungry, humble, and smart (the hallmark qualities of a great team player in the words of Patrick Lencioni). For instance, to improve his sprinting time, Matt Fraser did the last thing you’d expect the “World’s Fittest Man” to do.

Ben’s mission is excellence. His businesses, like the athletes he trains, are constantly striving for growth and improvement. In Ben’s words, the keys to excellence are all about creating processes with very specific steps. When Ben coaches his athletes on sleep, he doesn’t just tell them to get to bed early; he maps out every step of their nightly routine.

On this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How to effective teach yourself (or someone else) discipline
  • What to look for in new coaches or employees
  • Ben’s best advice for someone who wants to open their own gym

Good luck in your own pursuit of excellence and enjoy.



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