How To Become The Leader Everyone Wants But Few Have with Jon Gordon

The word “positive” has been hijacked and vandalized into every self-defined meaning under the sun. Because of its overuse and misuse, many people have no idea what real positivity is. Today’s guest is going to help restore the roots of positivity and teach us how to embrace this virtue in your business, your home, or your ministry.

Today’s guest is good friend and international bestselling author, Jon Gordon. We’re going to be discussing his new book called “The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World.


If you don’t know Jon, you should. He’s s not only sold millions of books but he’s also spent over a decade coaching some of the most powerful CEO’s and professional sports teams on the planet. Today, our conversation progresses and really opens up with useful wisdom as we dive deeper into the discussion.

So open your skull and set your mind on the table, because we’re about to give your brain a makeover of positivity in this episode of the StartupCamp.com Podcast.

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