Batting a Thousand with Cynthia Del’Aria

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Batting a Thousand with Cynthia Del’Aria


“I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Oh, I know better.”

Famous last words. And Cynthia Del’Aria would know. She’s said them herself.

After selling her first company at 19-years-old for $1.8 million and her second tech company for $4 million in her mid-twenties—you’d think that Cynthia would “know better” and not “make mistakes.” But she didn’t know how to manage her money, and after a bad investment, she found herself re-mortgaging her house and eyeball-deep in credit card debt.

Now, she helps other would-be entrepreneurs avoid similar mistakes with Raika Technologies, a company that helps people validate their idea before they spend their lives and burn through their savings with little to show for it.

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