Awakening To The Possibility Of Our Dreams

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How a near-death experience helped Amber Lilyestrom transform her life and turn her business dreams into her reality.

Amber Lilyestrom was having an emergency c-section during the birth of her first child when she stopped breathing.

While she lay on the operating table, not sure if she would ever hold her baby, Amber was filled with a profound sense of gratitude. This incredible near-death experience changed the way she saw fear and the direction of her life forever: She quit her “safe” corporate job, started her own business, and decided to live each moment for herself and her family.

Now, Amber is a transformational brand strategist and business coach who has turned her business’s success into time and togetherness with her family. Here’s the story of how she did it:

We all want guarantees in life: a salary we are comfortable with, a job we enjoy, a family we get to watch grow.

As Amber felt her lungs stop working, she realized that nothing in life is a guarantee. What’s more, the pure love and gratitude that came with her brush with death showed her that our greatest fear was not really worth worrying about. So what are we afraid of, anyway?

We won’t all have the kind of quantum leap in consciousness that Amber did, but we can learn from her story. Many of the things she realized in those fateful moments—that she had outgrown her job, that she wanted more out of her life, that she had been giving too much of herself to a system rather than her family—are things we know in our hearts already. We just need a little jolt to bring them up to the surface and make them reality.

On this episode of StartupCamp Stories, you’ll also learn:

  • How empathy can be a tremendous strength in business
  • Why you can’t have a business until you have a life
  • What to do when you are afraid to move forward
  • Why the people that love us can sometimes (accidentally) get in our way

As Amber would say, “If the dream is in you, it’s for you.”

Campers, dream on.

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