Launching A Business On A Shoestring Budget with Allie Casazza

What do you do when you have three kids in diapers, a husband working miserable long hours, and no friends or family for a thousand miles?

First, declutter. Then, start an explosively popular online course to lift up other moms across the country.

Allie Casazza - budget - StartupCamp Stories

Sound impossible? That’s what Allie Casazza did. By being thrifty, passionate, and determined, this homeschooling mama went from broke and overwhelmed to a seven-figure online business doing what she loves: helping other moms find joy, meaning, and simplicity in motherhood. She has plenty of wisdom to share for bloggers, working parents, and entrepreneurs hustling for a better life. 

On this episode, you’ll learn how Allie launched her business on a shoestring budget, her secret for being super productive at home, and the one thing you absolutely need to do to grow quickly.

We love Allie because she’s living so many of the StartupCamp principles. She started lean, learned from her mistakes, and followed her heart.


Ben Sturgill
Ben Sturgill is the host of StartupCamp Stories, as well as a Business Bootcamp coach and CMO for StartupCamp. He is also a college minister and founder of several businesses. Ben has a passion for helping people and businesses grow and thrive.


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