4 Ways To Build Beauty AND Brains Into Your Brand With Emily Ley

Most startup’s either have a beautiful site that doesn’t function or a functional site that’s isn’t beautiful. Today’s guest shares what it takes to have both, keep both, and grow both.

This episode revolves around a young woman who has created one of the cleanest, most creative, and compelling brands I’ve ever seen. Emily Ley is the creator of the Simplified Planner which sells online and in over 500 stores including Anthropologie and has been featured in Forbes, HGTV, USA TODAY, Glamour, Better Homes And Gardens, and more.


In today’s episode, Emily and I discuss the four ways to build beauty and brains into your brand. We cover everything from brand theory and the art of consistency to the effective use of white space and the role visuals play in making sales.

Our conversation is useful for any business owner looking to tighten up, brighten up, or just organize their customer’s experience with their company.

If this interview was helpful, let us know what stood out by leaving me a comment below.

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