These 4 Personalities Never Succeed In Business

Are you struggling to succeed in business? Do you feel like your career is bland or that you’re dreams are dying inside of you? Take 20 minutes to listen as I share the 4 personalities that will KILL your business success. 

While most of the known business world is telling people what to become, this episode of the podcast will tell you what to avoid.


Here are the four personalities that NEVER succeed in business:

1. The Unfinisher

These people are addicted to starting. They fight hard in the beginning but soon find themselves burned out when the rubber meets the road. They’re not necessarily scared as much as they are infected with shiny-object-syndrome. They love excuses and they have five or six unfinished projects going at any given time. But at the core, we all know what the problem is… they lack the discipline and stamina to cross the finish line. An important trait required to succeed in business.

2. The Selfish Partner

Selfishness might be the deadliest threat to a partnership. These people search for easy going worker-bees who they can walk over, manipulate, and abuse to move their personal agenda forward. There is no win-win. Only one hero. While these people are not horrible in every situation, they are horrible for partnerships.

3. The Executive Liar

In his pursuit of the corporate ladder, this guy will lie, cheat and steal to get to where he needs to be. For some reason he believes morals and business are separate. When he gets called out, he responds with the classic, “It’s just business, not personal”. But we all know, a sleazeball at work is a sleazeball at home. If this guy is your boss, look out… he’s dangerous. While he won’t be there long, you don’t want to become part of his wake of destruction. It might be time to consider a career change.

4. The Fearful Entrepreneur

She’s had a dream for years. Her idea is good and we all know she has what it takes to make it work. Or at least give it a solid shot. But she can’t. Her desire for security and lack of faith drive her into a corner every time. She can’t seem to overcome the unknown and the window of time to chase her dream is closing quickly with every year she ages. She had everything it took to change the world, but fear killed her dream before it had a chance.

If you’re a fearful entrepreneur and looking to change that, let us help. We believe dreams are worth chasing and often times all we need is a little bit of coaching to get the ball rolling. Consider our step-by-step startup coaching curriculum. Details are in the video below.

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What stops you from succeeding business? Are you one of these personalities? Or what other personalities fall in this category? Let me know in the comments below.


Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge is the Founder of He's also a keynote speaker and author of the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling book People Over Profit.


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  1. I think I fall under the fearful category! When my business hits a slow season, which ebbs and flows in the photography world, I lose faith. I strive for a certain niche of photography and live in a city where it isn’t booming, yet I feel I’m doing a lot to make it seen and it’s just going so so slow.

  2. My name is Patti and I’m a recovering unfinisher. I love all of this! We recently started. Our own business and are kicking keester and taking names, instead of worrying about our next paycheck, we’re looking at how to expand. Don’t give into the fear, just believe in yourself!

  3. Anthony says:

    Good listening. Thank you. I can definitiely relate to the fearful entrepreneur. Having confidence issues my whole life doesn’t help either. This may sound scattered but I think I’m never going to do well working for someone else, however I cannot zero in on a self employed idea. Does anyone have some guidance? Thanks.

    • Hey Anthony. Sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for the StartupCamp program. Go to the home page and check it out.

  4. Oliver says:

    I’m an unfinisher. I have known it for a long time, but it’s liberating to admit it to myself. I have unfinished so many projects, studies, relationships and jobs that it’s become a terrible pattern I must overcome. A lot of it comes down to being impulsive. Impulsive in the first place by taking on things that perhaps I don’t really care enough about to complete, then impulsively quitting them when they get too tough. The shiny new object seeker is me. I love ideas and possibilities. I have always started out as one of, if not the most promising student in any class (or job or relationship) only to drop out. To be fair to myself and balance out the argument ever so slightly, I have also completed and achieved a lot of things that make me immensely proud, but really, this is a part of my personality I want to address immediately.

    Thanks Dale.

    • Hard truth Oliver. Glad you’re facing reality. You totally got this. You can fix you. That’s easy 🙂

  5. Thank you, Dale. It’s 3am and I’m at my job listening to another one of your inspiring podcasts. I work for a nonprofit and often listen to your shows on my overnight shifts when I’m too tired to work and just need a break for a few minutes. I started a company that’s in the very early stages. You might have had something to do with my courage to begin. I’ve listened to a bunch of your shows and always come away with more incentive. Thank you for being so generous to create and share these podcasts.

    • Hey Ana! That’s so cool to hear. Thanks for sharing. Keep fighting!!

  6. Jorge Vigoreaux says:

    Man, this is just awesome! Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Stacy says:

    I am fearful…I know what I want to do but the leap is huge. I have practiced and practiced making my product and my family and friends love it, but I have 2 kids in college and I fear that I won’t be able to finish paying their tuition. I don’t want to saddle my children with that kind of debt.

    • Good heart on the debt. Get creative. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  8. I see myself as an “Unfinisher”. And I know so many others, who have the same struggle. It´s a mess. Things have to change! So I did the first step: I quitted my job and take a year off to travel to Southeast asia to get unfinished projects done! First stop Bali on the 23th of August!

    • This is awesome, Moreyh! Love to hear when people are living out their dreams. Have fun!

  9. Shena stubbs says:

    This has challenged me to stay committed

  10. katie says:

    I needed to hear this… I am the fearful entrepreneur with a side of the unfinisher. I’m extremely goal oriented & love making things happen by helping others… However, fear of failure has rooted it’s way deeply in my life. I know your startup camp is something I need to invest in, because my husband (gratefully) is burned out on my excuses of “why it won’t work” & me talking myself out of everything!

    Thank you for the advice! Great stuff & very inspiring.

    • It comes down to one thing: You just have to make that leap, and no one can do it for you. Purge the fear and take the plunge – it could be the best decision you ever make.

  11. Great advice. I very well know which one I am. Unfortunately My past behaviors categorize me as an unfinisher. However that first statement that you made in the module 1 video was a huge wake up call to me. That “slacker “characteristic that I recognize in myself will prohibit me from succeeding at any and EVERYTHING in life if I don’t make a decision to change it. Since then I’ve been dedicated to making steps to put more effort into completely any task that I commit to, whether it’s in my personal life or the efforts I make toward my business. Thank you for your support Dale!!


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