10 Question Tuesday: Leadership, Websites, And Writing

The last Tuesday of each month I answer 10 of the top questions from our listeners. From family and leadership to entrepreneurship and design, I dive to deep offer solid wisdom for dreamers, starters, and doers.


This Episode’s 10 Questions

1. Everyone talks about haters, but what about the other end of the spectrum? As your company grows it seems like more people want to be your friend. How do you navigate fame and popularity? – Mike Evans from Gainesville FL.

2. What equipment and programs do you use for your podcasts and youtube for sound, video, and editing? – Anna Hughes From Grapevine, TX

3. When would it be a good time to delegate the tasks that are not my strong points? For example, I’m great at branding but not so good at accounting or assigning tasks to my interns. I would love to focus on my strong points and move the company forward, but I’m stuck doing menial tasks because they have to get done. Currently, we are not making enough money to hire experts but would I have to hire them first before we can start making more money? – Lorina Daiana from Brea, CA

4. How do you write authentically without the noise of comparison and worry of how others may respond? Are there questions you ask yourself before posting a blog or anything on social media? – Liz McHutcheon from Boston, MA

5. How do you determine your priorities for both work and personal life? How do you build your weekly schedule to reflect them? – Jake Hermling from Bend, Oregon

6. How do you efficiently plan and outline a website to discuss with potential web developers? – Iesha Usher from Greensboro, NC

7. Which relationship in your life has been most influential to who you are as an entrepreneur? – Jessica Waclawski from Vail, CO

8. What are the best resources (books or articles) that have helped you constantly align your work with God’s will for your life? –  Allison Price from Mobile, Alabama

9. Your #DaleyWisdom posts from Facebook always hit the spot for what I’m going through. How much time do you take to produce these posts? – Jackie Craig from Ventura, California

10. Looking back on your success now, what action or decision do you wish you would have done first or much sooner? – Courtney Lindberg from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Do you have a good question you’d like me to answer on the show? If so, please send your 1-3 sentence question, your first name, and city and state to podcast@startupcamp.com

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Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge is the Founder of StartupCamp.com. He's also a keynote speaker and author of the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling book People Over Profit.


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