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Can You Really Create Life-Changing Wealth through Angel Investing?

My name is Nate Stavseth, and this is my story...

I was a struggling entrepreneur in my early 20’s, until I struck gold as co-founder of RagingBull, a company now worth over $100M. RagingBull made me a millionaire, but it also taught me that the real money was being made by investors, not entrepreneurs. Now, I am on a mission to help ordinary people get access to the same deals as the super rich.

I’m talking about angel investing, the ultimate path to wealth creation. I want to give you the benefit of my experience so that you, too, can enjoy the insane returns—without the strikeouts.

Welcome to New Wave Wealth

Discover how ordinary people are reaping the profits of Silicon Valley as angel investors!


The World’s 1st Proven System

New Wave Wealth is the first A-Z training course for new angel investors, compressing a lifetime of knowledge into nine easy-to-follow classes.


Community Support & Expert Guidance

Learn directly from Nate in live trainings and join an exclusive community of driven angels just like you.


Exclusive Angel Opportunities

Access Nate’s private network of deals with some of the hottest startups in the world.

Is New Wave Wealth Right for Me?

I’ll be real with you. This program isn’t for everyone.

Not For You If...

New Wave Wealth Is Not For You If…

  • You only want to do the bare minimum expecting to see MASSIVE results
  • You think you can build a six-figure revenue stream in just a few months
  • You want a magic bullet that immediately solves your problems without doing any work
Is For You If...

New Wave Wealth Is for You If…

  • You want to start investing your money as an angel investor by taking calculated risks on deals that could make you very, very wealthy
  • You are already an angel investor and are not getting the results you want
  • You want to add an investment strategy to your portfolio that will make your returns skyrocket
  • You plan to implement and follow the strategies detailed in the course
  • You don’t want to waste time on unproven or sketchy strategies to multiply your money


Classes Overview

  1. Introduction to Angel Investing

    What is angel investing, key terms, and why now

  2. The Process, Start to Finish

    Finding, vetting, and closing deals

  3. Deal Flow

    How to find startups to invest in

  4. Founder Fit

    What makes an excellent founder

  5. Market Fit

    Does this product have a real market

  1. Investor Fit

    Investor strategy & considerations

  2. Deal Terms and Negotiation

    Protecting your investments and closing

  3. Adding Value as an Investor

    How to get involved in your startups

  4. Returns and Exits

    What you can expect to make and claiming your wins

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