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Welcome to the Next Level of Wealth


Congratulations again on becoming one of the Founding Members of The Boardroom VIP!

You made an excellent decision joining this service! We’ve completely sold out of memberships. There’s a wait-list a mile long of people demanding to be where you are now, and all we can tell them is, Sorry.

As a Founding Member of The Boardroom VIP, you’ve secured your spot in the front row of all The Boardroom’s deals and events.

Here’s what that means:

  1. You invest first in all of our deals—as soon as they are ready. That’s important, because these early rounds fill up quickly.
  2. You’ll have VIP Access to all Live Boardroom events and summits, including PitchDeck Sessions where we judge pitches and negotiate deals. Imagine Shark Tank, except you’re sitting beside the “sharks” and investing along with them.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll get to join our Celebrity Angel Networking Calls, where we bring in financial celebrities and experts from across the world. They’ll share their perspectives on startups/investing and their private deals. In other words, you’re actually adding these legendary founders and investors to your network!

And these are just the highlights of being a Founding Member of The Boardroom. You’ll also receive access to our Inner Circle community, as well as Angel Alerts to keep you informed on new rounds, deals, and updated from Boardroom startups.

IMPORTANT: You can expect three (3) emails a week from us for the next three (3) weeks. Do not ignore these emails. This is how we ensure that you are confidently prepared to invest.

How do you invest, and how soon will you see your returns?

Right now, you are on the cutting-edge of angel investing. We are still closing the negotiations of our newest deals, which will give you time to get up to speed on this process and the companies’ due diligence. 

Once we have finalized deal terms, you will be able to jump in alongside us.

Here is a brief breakdown of the deals we are finalizing. You can find these deals in your Deal Flow:

  1. DAZZ – This is an amazing company. This company makes tablets that turn ordinary tap water into household cleaners. That means 1) they’re cheaper, because it’s much cheaper to ship a little tablet than a big bottle of Windex or Clorox, and 2) they’re eco-friendly, because they allow people to reuse the same old spray bottle. We see huge potential in this company and we are negotiating to get a bigger slice of the pie. Our goal is to grow this company rapidly using our marketing chops and then leverage it for a major acquisition. These are basically the most profitable outcomes in angel investing.
    For more information on DAZZ, check out their Deal Page.
  2. Oregon Valley Farm – This is an interesting company. We weren’t super impressed by the idea, until we saw their numbers. Basically, they sell high quality meat from small farms directly to consumers. Wouldn’t you like to get all your food from a small family farm? Of course. OVF is stepping into this niche and crushing it. But, because they’re still very early stage, we’re negotiating a deal with very friendly terms (for you).
    For more information on OVF, check out their Deal Page.
  3. [Name Restricted] – We are contractually obligated to keep this company’s name under wraps. We can’t say much more about their situation… But we can say that this company is awesome and we are in the process of constructing deal terms with them. They have created a series of highly innovative office & classroom supplies that have been proven to improve test scores and workplace performance. We should be able to reveal more in the next 1-2 months.

As you can see from the Deals above, we are very close to closing some of these negotiations and hope to have our first investment open within a month.

Here is what you can expect for a timeline:

  1. Week 1 – Getting to know the site and the deals
  2. Week 2 – Getting up to speed on the investing process
  3. Week 3 – Reviewing the deals on the table
  4. Week 4+ – Investing in your first deal! (As they come available)

We will keep you up to speed on everything you need to know as we finalize these deals and open them up for your (and our) investment.

We’re extremely excited about the future of The Boardroom and our collective ability to find and fund the most promising startups in the world. And we also want to hear from you. If you ever have any questions or feedback,  please call our Boardroom Concierge line 9-5 EST at 888-559-2574.