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The Boardroom

Ready to Meet Your First Celebrity Angel?

Dear Investor,


We’ve scheduled our first Celebrity Angel Connection! Mark your calendar for Dec. 12 @ 1pm.

Celebrity Angel Connections are networking calls with financial celebrities and massively successful investors. They’ll share their insider secrets and perspective on the world of private investing.

More importantly, they’ll pitch you one of the hottest deals in their private deal flow. 

I can’t overstate how amazing this opportunity is. Your Boardroom membership gives you total access to Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, Nate Stavseth, and Allan Marshall.

But with Celebrity Angel Connections, you’re adding some of the most famous and well-connected people to your network every month… And getting access to their deals!

Celebrity Angel Connections are something that is only available to Boardroom VIP members like you. 

You may see some emails highlighting more memberships for The Boardroom.


We got a ton of interest in the service, but many people simply could not commit the $5,000.

We were okay with that, because we want to keep The Boardroom as an elite service. These rounds are only so large. We only want truly committed investors getting involved.

But at the same time, we’re on a mission to help people change their financial futures and tap into all the gold that has been sitting right under their noses.


So we came up with a new plan… And a new service.

We have created a downgraded membership service for The Boardroom. These members will not have access to the Celebrity Angel Connections. Nor will they be able to invest in any of our deals immediately, like you. They’ll have to wait until our Boardroom VIP members get their shot. If there is still room in the deals, then they can get involved.

Finally, they won’t receive an invite to any of our Live PitchDeck events—our version of “Shark Tank” where you actually get to sit beside the sharks and invest alongside them.


In other words, this is a watered-down version of The Boardroom at a watered-down price.

We’re calling this service “The Boardroom Essentials” in contrast to your service, “The Boardroom VIP”.