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Our First Deal Has Arrived!


We are excited to announce The Boardroom’s first OPEN deal.

Let me introduce you to LEAH Labs, a biotech/biomedical startup out of the Mayo Clinic which is working on a cure for cancer in dogs.

Noble? Yes. Lucrative? Extremely.

And… One of the most interesting parts about this deal is that LEAH Labs is pioneering a type of treatment that could someday be used in humans.

LEAH is basically applying CAR-T Cell therapy to canine lymphoma. If their product is successful, they stand to completely take over a $500 million market.

For more of our analysis on LEAH Labs, check out their Deal Page.

We have been evaluating the science behind LEAH, and we have come to the conclusion that it is solid.

Our plan is to invest $20,000 (or more) in LEAH next week in their Reg CF campaign on WeFunder.

Full disclosure: We don’t love the terms of this Reg CF campaign. We think their valuation is high. But we want to get in now so we have some skin in the game.

You can, too. Check out the LEAH Labs Deal Page for more due diligence and their WeFunder page to make your investment.

There’s one other exciting reason why we’re putting our money in now —

We know that LEAH is close to closing a tranche (portion of a round) in their Reg CF campaign. When they complete the tranche, they’ll have enough money to hit their next milestone. They’ll want to keep raising, but this could be a tipping point.

The difference between a successful startup and a failure is often the starting capital. We think even a small addition to LEAH can give them the edge they need to win.

We have more investment opportunities coming your way in the next couple of days. We’ll send a follow-up email Monday morning with details on a new deal in the pipeline you’ll be able to join very soon.