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The Next Live Event is on the Horizon for Boardroom VIPs

Hey Investor,

We have some exciting news to share about an upcoming event.

But first, I wanted to introduce you to something cool we’ve been working on: Angel Insights, the StartupCamp blog.

This free resource is available for everyone, so feel free to share it with whomever might be interested.

You’ll find that some of these articles in Angel Insights are covered in more detail in your New Wave Wealth course. That is really the best place to go if you want to learn more about the principles and how-to’s of angel investing.

But I think you’ll find some of these articles really interesting. We’re interviewing investors and founders, dissecting successful startups, and generally sharing cool information.

Which brings me to the main event…

We wanted to do something special for the upcoming deals
about to go live.


We thought, what better way to explain these deals than to have the founders themselves pitch them to you!

We’re planning the first of these live pitch events within the next two weeks! You’ll be able to ask the founder questions, learn more about the company. 

And of course, once the deal is live, you’ll have the first chance to invest.

I am so excited to introduce you more deeply to these companies and founders. And we are so close to be able to host this live event for you.

We’ll keep you posted when we pin down a concrete date.


To building wealth,

– CG