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Smelly Pits? Pit Liquor to the Rescue!

One of Boardroom’s earliest portfolio additions was a small Colorado startup called Pit Liquor by Distilled Bath and Body. In the personal care lineup, Pit Liquor attracts an eclectic mix of people who are careful about what they put in and ON their body. Erica Feucht is one of those people, and Pit Liquor’s founder, along with her husband. 

The big problem? Research shows that things you put on your skin can be absorbed. Heather Patisaul, PhD, says, “When you put something on your skin, there are times when it can enter your bloodstream without being metabolized.” [Source: Time]  The Time article also quotes Philip Harvey, PhD, editor in chief of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, who pointed out that some compounds used in deodorant are absorbed and stored in fat cells; and that the underarm tissue also contains hormone receptors, which could react to some of those same deodorant ingredients. 


But finding alternative personal care products? Investors who fund them can help make it happen, when the product, company founders, team and opportunity check all the boxes.


The Time article mentioned five common deodorant ingredients with an unhealthy reputation: parabens, aluminum, triclosan, phthalates, and fragrances that by current trade law, don’t have to specify which chemical compounds create those scents. These ingredients have been shown to affect hormonal balance, immune systems, skin conditions, thyroid function, cancer cell production and more. 

While there are products on the market that address this, few have been able to educate or penetrate the dominant consumer use of deodorant products that use these ingredients.



Pit Liquor Deodorant addresses a solution using whiskey and or vodka. Alcohol has been considered a way of washing wounds for millenia. However, when Erica Feucht discovered how effective hand sanitizer was at replacing her deodorant, the idea that the use of distilled spirits as a key deodorant ingredient was born. Best sellers in the Pit Liquor lineup include Whiskey Vanilla, Whiskey Lavender, and Coconut Rum with Lime in spray and roll-on formulas. 

Founder Story – “Pit Pals”

The journey from hand sanitizer to whiskey began with Erica Feucht expecting a baby and her husband, Jason, wanted her to avoid anything possibly carcinogenic that could also impact hormones, immunity and health as she worked for a healthy, happy outcome. After an experiment with hand sanitizer had a positive outcome, Erica and Jason thought high proof, drinkable alcohol would be less toxic than anything made from inedible and unregulated. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, hundreds of media stories, Pit Liquor’s most recent round of funding was late in 2020 on Wefunder. 


The Team

Over the last year, Pit Liquor has added some critical team members. Here’s Erica Feucht to tell you about these new additions to the Pit Liquor Team. 


I want to give you a quick update on what’s going on in the world of Pit Liquor. So if you’ve been aware of us in the past, thanks for joining and for listening again. 


Over the past several months, I have really focused hard on hiring my team and that means that I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that I find not just good, but great and often the very best available, people to put onto our team. Part of what I mean by that is if you look at our marketing team where we didn’t really have a marketing team before, I have hired the person who did the Domino’s Pizza turnaround back when Domino’s Pizza was struggling, they did this turnaround apologize for their horrible ingredients, you might remember that, and then they became the world’s third biggest revenue earner. So Carter Nance is my CMO and he’s been a joy to have on the team. He’s been with us a little over two months now.


We have similar quality oversight of our operations and our branding, and we have a lot of big things coming. Starting December 1st, we’re going to get a brand review and redefinition done by Neil Riddel, who is known for turning Mini Cooper back into a popular brand during the SUV boom. If you remember the Truth About Tobacco campaign, which was gruesome, visceral and memorable; he also did that. Neil will be looking at our brand and giving a redefinition of it so that we’re ready for big growth.


In the next couple of months, we obviously have Black Friday coming, so a lot of planning around that, but this season for us, generally from November through February is a really, really aggressive ramping growth season for us. Our company doesn’t tend to grow in a super linear way, but over the months from November to February, we tend to ramp super aggressively. We’re planning to, at minimum, triple our revenue in the next few months, which is big, but we’ve done it before and we’ve finally got the assets in place. In the past couple of months, we’ve filmed a hero video that you might be being plagued by on your social channels if you’re on really any social channel at this point. That’s going to be growing a much larger customer base and it already has begun to do so, so we look forward to some really rapid growth and going into the new year at the end of next year, we’re looking for wholesale. A lot of exciting things are coming and we’re still on track for all of our big, big goals, like the Exit.


The Opportunity

With the addition of Carter Nance and Neil Riddell and other additions to the team, this brand is ready to transform! According to Statista, “28% of men and 22% of women in the US will mainly use organic skin care products, perhaps because nearly 40% of US consumers believe that organic personal care and cosmetics products are healthier than conventional personal care and cosmetics products.”


Stay tuned! The brand, social media messaging and other tools this team has at its disposal; Pit Liquor is poised to continue on its upward trajectory.