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Put a little DAZZ in your day

One of the Boardroom portfolio startup companies is making news this week!  Stay tuned for a direct-to-consumer product pitch on USA Network’s America’s BIG Deal show Thursday the 21st at 9 p.m. EDT!

Sunstate Laboratories pitched their MVP “DAZZ”  to the Boardroom last year, and Boardroom invested $25000 in the venture – part of the total $1.1 million raised to date.

What’s the big deal? It’s just another cleaning product, right? DAZZ solves two big problems – the cost of shipping tons of water, and, annually a billion bottles of plastic waste just in the USA, according to Sunstate Founder, David Shahan.

[Source: EPA.Gov]

When you’re tackling over a chunk of 25 million tons of plastic waste, as well as the financial waste of shipping anywhere from a pound to 4 pounds of water to the grocery store where the consumer picks it up and takes it home, uses it up, tosses the container and repeats it a few times a year for every type of cleaner they use – it adds up.

Why is this month a big deal to Boardroom followers? It’s the second time this year we’ve had a chance to watch as one of our investments opens another round of funding next week.

Minimum Viable Product

I’ve already mentioned how most cleaners are basically shipping solutions that are largely water and plastic waste. Have you considered how many bottles of cleaners your household goes through a year? Even if you buy Costco-sized bottles of concentrate and take a year to use them up, you’re still probably going through multiple cleaners’ and hand soap concentrate containers.

DAZZ  products do not require you to buy their bottles. Though you can buy a starter kit of each of four cleaners and the bottles to go with for $14. Suppose you have your own bottles; you can buy 4 packs of all 4 cleaners (window, bathroom, all-purpose, and foaming handwash) for $22 or save a bit on a “subscribe and save” recurring order.  An all-purpose cleaner, the least expensive on the list, can run anywhere from $2.75 and up to 32 oz  (Wal-Mart) so you could easily spend $40 or more on an equivalent shipment that is mostly water and plastic.

But can they clean? DAZZ was tested at an independent lab at the University of Massachusetts, head to head with the leading cleaners on the market, and beat them all. [source: enewschannels]

Environmental Conscientious Market

Consumers in states that emphasize attention to plastic waste notice just how much plastic goes out their door to the recycling bin or trash every week. Sure – it’s only a few bottles a year, but multiply that by hundreds of millions of American households, and you have a landfill problem. Consumers are drawn to cost savings especially when they can help the environment.


The company can produce 30,000 tablets per hour and the cost to manufacture the product is about 10 cents per tablet.

Preview Opportunity

Listen to our interview with DAZZ

Sunstate Labs presented DAZZ on the Home Shopping Network during a soft-launch before their formal launch in 2019, they sold 12,000 units in 11 minutes. But that was just the beginning. [source: Home Business Magazine]

The next public launch comes up on Oct 29, 2021 at 9 a.m. EST. [Source: Wefunder]

This Thursday, October 21, 2021, you can tune into America’s Big Deal on the USA Network and see how fast their product sells. You can check out more details about DAZZ, the founder, David Shahan, and the upcoming show at The Height Zone.