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Meet The Newest Boardroom Member

I want to welcome you to the newest member of the Boardroom, Mr. Tim Collins. Tim is going to be helping us hunt down deals and navigate through this exciting environment. He’ll also be writing for us and providing updates on future investments. 

I’m thrilled to have him with us, and I believe adding him to the team will benefit us all. 

I recently sat down with Tim for a quick interview to learn more about his philosophy towards early stage investing, and what he’s all about. 

But before we jump in, I have some exciting news to share with you. We will be extending your subscription for an additional year at no extra-cost to you. 

This is our way of saying thank you. We wouldn’t be here without loyal subscribers like you. Thanks again, now let’s meet Tim. 

JB: Hey Tim, can you tell our members a little bit about yourself?

TC: The world is a crazy place and when it comes to the markets I’ve seen and been involved in some crazy things. Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve run the gamut of experiences in the financial world. I started with basic jobs in the accounting and analysis world before moving into personal financial advising.

From there, I worked my way into the hedge fund community, the media side of finance, and eventually on to private markets while remaining in the public space.

For over a decade, I’ve written under my own name for several financial media organizations, appeared on CNBC a few times, and even ghost-written for some Wall Street gurus. You may have read my thoughts and analysis in the past never knowing it was me.

But here’s the thing about introductions, folks always want to tell you about their successes and the best parts of their life. Truth is we often learn more from our failures.

JB: I can totally agree with you there. Now, can you tell us more about your professional experience?

TC: I had a hedge fund, which performed great right up until it failed, but it was from that failure I found the private markets. Pulling together the best part of two decade’s experience, I banded together with fellow traders and explored the area that was off limits to most of us. We found names like Facebook and Twitter shares open for purchase from employees long before the stocks came public.

JB: Wow, Is that what sucked you into this side of the business?

TC: Immediately, I fell in love with the space. Initially, I pursued private opportunities in the cannabis space around 2013 before finding a fit on the consulting side with a biotech company with strong patents, optimistic but limited data, and little money. A few years later, after working closely with management, I watched them ring the closing bell on the Nasdaq shortly after going public.

Since that time, I’ve spent more and more of my waking hours working with companies seeking listings on major exchanges and exchange listed companies hoping to accelerate their current business.

JB: How has your investing evolved since the JOBS Act?

After the JOBS Act, we witnessed crowd funding and Regulation A offering become available to the everyday trader. Private investments became easy to enter but hard to analyze. That is the challenge. People can login into a platform, find plenty of deals, and invest easily, but finding investments without understanding all the risks creates pitfalls.

JB: What Can Boardroom and Angel Investing Insiders expect from you now that you’re part of the team?

TC: My focus has been on making deals easier to understand, analyzing which I feel offer an attractive risk versus reward, and working with management of companies to understand valuation and future potential. And that is precisely what I’m going to continue to do for you.

JB: Do you have anything you’re working on or a teaser for our members?

TC: A few weeks ago, I stepped off a plane in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and drove for a few hours until the road ended in dirt. A three minute walk later, while walking and talking with the company founders, I kicked aside some dirt and rocks. A few seconds later, oil dripped from my shoes.  

The almost unbelievable thing about this company is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil sitting on their more than 5000 acres of property isn’t even their main business. Even crazier, they picked up the entire property, processing equipment and all, for less than $5 million in 2020 when oil futures went negative. 

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Now, they are getting close to raising money via a Regulation A offering at an extremely attractive valuation.

JB: Amazing. Thanks for your time and I can’t wait to hear from you soon. 

TC: Thanks Jeff, I’m excited to be here and I’m looking forward to showing our members this exciting space and introducing them to the opportunities at hand.