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LIVE Event Coming Soon for VIPs and What to Watch for This Week

Hey, Investor.


I wanted to post a Monday update just to keep you in the loop, but there’s not a ton to report at the moment, except to keep your eyes peeled for some very important updates this week.


1. Tomorrow – Be on the watch for an update tomorrow about the startup which is in the process of filing its Form C.

Once that Form C is filed (which should be tomorrow), we’ll have much more to share with you.


2. Live Event – If you remember from last week, we are setting up a live video call with the founder of one of the startups we’re investing in. Our tentative date/time is set for 1:00pm on January 21.

I’m really excited for you to get to hear from this founder yourself, learn about their startup, and ask any questions you might have.

This is one of the coolest deals we’ve ever seen. I’ll follow up with more details later this week.


3. What questions should you be asking, anyway? I didn’t recommend any investor education last Friday because we had this news breaking about the live pitch event. But I’m sure you’ll want to brush up before this live pitch event.

My advice – check out New Wave Wealth Class 5: Market Fit. This is where Nate breaks down factors around market, product, and sales that contribute to a startup’s success. It’s one of his best classes, highly interesting stuff.


4. Other Deals in the Pipeline – We have three more deals in the pipeline that are making their way to your Deal Flow Page. That’s just a small reminder to stay tuned and, remember, you may want to space your investment out.


Can’t wait to talk (in person) soon,

– CG