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From Startup to IPO – Volcon

Have you been following Volcon since Boardroom first introduced this company? If not, let me bring you current. October 6, 2021, Volcon left the startup capital to open trading as VLCN.

Startup Camp, aka Raging Bull, LLC started their angel investing services just last year, and this will be the first boardroom exit thus far.  Having only been in the investment for a year, we are grateful to see a successful exit ahead.

Less than 2 years ago, Volcon launched in the startup space, creating a minimum viable product in the off-road vehicle market with an electric vehicle choice, to be used in agriculture and recreation. Volcon also addressed the bulky, unreliable high priced issues around traditional off-road vehicles.

Having been an off-road recreator since the early dates with my husband on his 1977 250cc Kawasaki Enduro (that lasted until 2003 when the engine gave out), the mountains and streams in my backyard of Central Utah have been my playground. The pleasure of the sound of quaking aspens, mountain birds and streams was constantly drowned out by other ATV riders kicking up dust and having a great time. Having a quiet alternative and the option to find my own little trail intrigues me but the 75 mile per battery distance (and the ease of replacing batteries on the go adding many more possible miles to my trip) excites me!

Product passion combined with a startup opportunity is golden!

Boardroom invested and was part of the $2,258,940 raised, with Boardroom investing $100,000 as the lead investor on WeFunder, along with approximately 1000 other investors. The IPO proposed to sell a little over 3 million shares with a proposed opening of $5 per share. The actual opening landed at $8.11 this morning (October 6, 2021)

This is the exit opportunity many angel investors hope for, and this company didn’t take long to hit that target.

Would you sell your initial valuation amount and let the rest run with the company as they launch two additional models and establish a track record? Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), another electric vehicle company started out in the $3 per share range in June of 2010, but now trades as I write at almost $780 per share.

Would it make sense to have an all sell, partial sell, all hold, or buy more shares strategy for you at this point? What are your rules?

To a healthy, logical investing strategy, whatever you do!