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Less invasive surgical solution for degenerative back issues?

Have you ever known someone who went in for surgery to fix a chronic back pain problem? 

What was the outcome? 

Did it seem like they walked into the hospital on their own power, anxious to get off the pain meds, and get their agility back, only to come out on a walker, lucky to be alive, but never able to walk without assistance ever again? 

It’s a problem that plagues so many people…

We’ve seen so many advancements in medical technology over the years, yet for whatever reason, we haven’t seen much in this department…


That’s why I’m excited about this interview with Dr. Jeff Kleiner.

You’ll hear him talk about faster recoveries, less pain, and more positive outcomes.

You’ll also discover how you can be a part of  the cause—as an angel investor. 

If you‘re new to the industry or just want to learn more about how we go about Angel Investing…

Then  join me as I interview a board-certified surgeon on his Brand New Device.