Chris Graebe Portrait

Chris Graebe

CEO & host of The StartupCamp Podcast

Over the past 15 years, Chris has spoken to and impacted the lives of over 500,000 individuals. In 2015 Chris noticed the shifting retail market and decided he wanted to build an eCommerce empire. In a short period of time, while building his business at night and with very minimal funds, he built a multi-million dollar eCommerce business in less than three years. He learned to leverage the power of the Amazon platform and has expanded his business across seven different international markets.

Chris is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, faith, and his family. He is driven to see people journey from living an average life to living their life to the fullest. Chris and his wife Jenni have been married for over thirteen years, and they have five amazing, world-changing children.

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Ben Sturgill Portrait

Ben Sturgill

Host of the StartupCamp Stories podcast, Business Coach

Ben has been passionate about three things since his teenage years: faith, people, and business. After playing Division 1 college basketball, Ben graduated in 2005 with a Masters in The Arts of Teaching and went overseas for three seasons to play professionally. After returning to the States, he worked in sales and marketing and started a software company on the side. After a few years in the marketplace, he then entered full-time ministry with college athletes and graduated from seminary, all while starting a real estate company and a photobooth company. Both are now run with the help of some amazing partners.

Throughout this journey, Ben has learned that he loves to teach, coach, and help others grow and develop. He also learned that he is better at improving things that already exist than he is at starting from scratch. Ben resides in NH with his wife Shannon where they are raising their three boys, Jackson, Cooper, and Tyler. When he’s not working with people, helping them and/or their businesses grow, he loves spending time with his family and playing sports with his boys.

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Jamie Vie Portrait

Jamie Vie

AMZ expert, Business Coach

Jamie began working at age fourteen and was exposed early on to the inner-workings of business operations. Two years later, he was managing a million-dollar business, and after graduating with a degree in marketing in 2009, he began his career in an Inc. 5000 company. Over the next seven years, Jamie built a national insurance sales call center and grew a $15M+ book of insurance business.

By 2015, the stress of healthcare reform combined with boredom in his career led Jamie to seek other ventures. The appeal of selling tangible products plus the rapid growth of online sales made eCommerce an attractive opportunity. Over the next few months, he spent his nights and weekends learning the Amazon marketplace and launched his first brand. Jamie then walked away from his traditional full-time job, doing $350K in sales in the first year, and has seen massive growth since then across three brands.

Jamie is a true Amazon expert, keeping a constant pulse on the ever-changing strategies and overall landscape of the Amazon platform. His passion is now to mentor others in their pursuit of freedom through entrepreneurship.

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Jennefer Wilson Portrait

Jennefer Wilson


With over 10 years of photography experience, photography has shaped not only what Jennefer Wilson does, but who she is. Seeing moments for exactly what they are, meeting people in their need and shaping even the best moments to be worthy of being memorable ones, Jennefer is enamored with all that photography encompasses. It isn’t just the art that keeps her coming back for more, but the opportunity to love and make her clients feel seen exactly as they are. Encouraging people on their journey through the craft of photography can leave deep impact on someones spirit and that is not lost on her. Having the opportunity to help other photographers learn not only how to do what they love, but to stay hungry and thrive in the photography industry is a cherry on top of what has already been a dream come true.

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Charla Storey Portrait

Charla Storey


Charla Storey has been a photographer for more than a decade. Traveling the world and experiencing everything it has to give made one thing very clear in her mind, and that is that people are valuable and the moments they live are worth being remembered. She has a profound love for helping people see their value, allowing them to feel beautiful and capable. Both in educating fellow photographers and in photographing her clients, this gift has transformed her as an artist. Charla believes she has a huge responsibility to do her job excellently because the moments she is entrusted with are legacies that live long past the minutes she is with her clients. This reason is also why she is an educator, because teaching others means empowering them to make a living that not only enriches their life, but leaves lasting legacies for those they have the honor of photographing.

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Our Team

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    Emily Savage
    COO and Customer Relations
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    Ryan Cadigan
    Content Strategist
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    Amanda Perkins
    Content Coordinator
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    Nick Mancini
    Curriculum Creator
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    Zak Bernadsky
    Social Media
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    Elisabeth Cawthron
    Creative Director
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    Drew Rodgers
    Lead Designer

Our Founder

Dale Partridge Portrait

Dale Partridge

After a high school pitching injury shifted his dream, he found himself unemployable (fired from 15 jobs). He then decided to start his own business after seeing this quote in an old book given to him by his Grandmother: “If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

Since then, he’s launched over a half dozen multi-million dollar companies, from a rock-climbing gym and a conference company to a branding agency and a multi-million dollar eCommerce business. In 2014, he and his wife decided to sell the majority of the stock in their companies to simplify their life. They left Orange County to raise their family on a small farm overlooking glacier-capped mountains in Oregon. Today, they’ve shifted their mission from starting companies to teaching others how to start theirs.