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Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop is a lifelong serial entrepreneur, who has run successful businesses in everything from bagels to lawn care to used-car sales. Jeff found his greatest fortune online, whether it was during a stint as a professional online poker player or running businesses that generated tens of millions of dollars in high-margin sales. He’s an expert in online sales and digital-marketing strategies and has a knack for looking at businesses – even ones whose products and services he is unfamiliar with – and distilling out their distractions to find the real opportunities.

A lifetime member of Mensa with degrees in finance and economics from the University of Texas, Jeff is the editor of and the co-founder of, a community run by traders for traders, specializing in education and training investors. Jeff – along with his wife and three children — lives in New Hampshire, and roots from afar for his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Jason Bond

Jason graduated in 2001 with a Masters in Education and began to teach in NYS public schools. After ten years of teaching, he was unable to gain any traction financially as he accumulated over $250,000 in debt due to a mortgage, student loans and credit cards. Knowing that something needed to change, he took it upon himself to become an entrepreneur and forge a new path for his life. He quickly discovered that in addition to being an exceptional teacher he was also a gifted stock trader. was born shortly after this and it did not take long to become one of the top stock advisory services in the world. In the years that followed, he taught tens of thousands of paying members his trading techniques. The companies he has helped build since then have grossed tens of millions of dollars in the process.

Today, Jason resides in New Hampshire with his wife Pamela where they are raising their son, Noah. He lives completely debt free and enjoys a slower pace of life than what he once knew in New York. He has made it a mission in his life to helping others achieve the success they have dreamed of.

Jason Bond
Ben Sturgill

Ben Sturgill

Ben has been passionate about three things since his teenage years: faith, people, and business. After playing Division 1 college basketball, Ben graduated in 2005 with a Masters in The Arts of Teaching and went overseas for three seasons to play professionally. After returning to the States, he worked in sales and marketing and started a software company on the side. After a few years in the marketplace, he be entered full-time ministry with college athletes where he has served to this day. Since then he has also graduated from seminary, all while starting a real estate company and a photobooth company. Both are now run with the help of some amazing partners.

Throughout this journey, Ben has learned that he loves to teach, coach, and help others grow and develop–specifically to develop an understanding of who God is, who he made them to be, and how they fully live that out. He also learned that he is better at taking things that already exist and making them better than he is at starting completely from scratch.

Ben resides in New Hampshire with his wife Shannon where they are raising their three sons, Jackson, Cooper, and Tyler. When he’s not working with people, helping them and/or their businesses grow, he loves spending time with his family and playing sports with his boys.

Chris Graebe

Chris began his professional journey very different than most. In the early 2000’s, Chris landed as a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules South Pacific, followed by MTV’s Battle of the Sexes 2. This unique experience opened the door for Chris to begin a public speaking career. Over the past 15 years, Chris has spoken to and impacted the lives over 500,000 individuals. In 2015 Chris noticed the shifting retail market and decided he wanted to build an e-commerce empire. In a short period of time, while building his business at night and with very minimal funds, he built a multi-million dollar e-commerce business in less than three years. He learned to leverage the power of the Amazon platform and has expanded his business across seven different international markets.

Chris is passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, faith and his family. He is driven to see people journey from living an average nine-to-five life to living their life to the fullest. Chris and his wife Jenni have been married for over thirteen years, and they have five amazing, world-changing children.

Chris Graebe

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