A strong business
with a weak family doesn’t work.

It’s my mission to help you have both.

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My quick story

I was born in 1985 to a blue collar worker and a stay-at-home mother. We lived in Southern California where I was convinced I was to be a professional baseball player.

After a high school pitching injury shifted my dream, I found myself unemployable (I was fired from 15 jobs). It was a confusing time. But after seeing this quote in an old book given to me by my Grandmother, I started my first business.

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

Since then, I’ve launched over a half dozen multi-million dollar companies. From a rock-climbing gym and a conference company to a branding agency and a multi-million dollar e-commerce business.

In 2014, my wife and I decided to sell the majority of the stock in our companies to simplify our life. We left Orange County to raise our family on a small farm overlooking glacier-capped mountains in Oregon.

Today, I’ve shifted my mission from starting companies to teaching others how to start theirs. To help people create the business and family they love. To chase their dreams and fulfill their purpose.


“I focus less on the ever-changing tactics of entrepreneurship, and more on the timeless lessons of leadership development. I believe the majority of the struggle in launching a startup stems from our personal immaturities, not our tactical incompetencies.”

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