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Amazon Impact Business Course

Learn how Chris made these actual sales selling on Amazon:

Amazon Proof
Amazon Proof

In this FREE 3-Part Mini-Course, we'll show you 5 products seeing huge sales on Amazon, how to choose the right products, and how selling on Amazon actually works. That’s everything you need to get started selling on Amazon and making huge profits!

The 3-Part Mini-Course includes 3 video classes led by Amazon experts Chris Graebe and Jamie Vie and 2 PDF guides:


5 Real Products and Their Unbelievable Amazon Sales

We’ll show you 5 surprising product success stories, their real sales numbers, and the key indicators that helped them perform so well.


Find a Winning Product in 20 Minutes or Less

Look over Jamie’s shoulder as he evaluates products on Amazon and shows you how he identifies potential product GOLD.


Fulfillment By Amazon: How It Works

Once you identify your products, let Amazon do the heavy lifting. We’ll show you how to make Amazon’s fulfillment service work for you.

Amazon Guides


5 Top Insider Secrets to Succeed on Amazon

From choosing products with the best margins to making your products stand out on Amazon, this quick-hits guide helps you find shortcuts and avoid blind spots.

Amazon Fulfillment Overview

This study guide is meant to accompany Video Class #3, so you can follow along and take notes on what is important.

Meet Your Instructors

Chris Graebe

Chris Graebe

In 2015, Chris Graebe noticed the shifting retail landscape and saw an opportunity to make a better life for his family. Working only on nights and weekends, he built a multi-million dollar business selling on Amazon in just 3 years.

Chris is also the CEO of StartupCamp and the host of The StartupCamp Podcast. His goal is to help people live their most fulfilling lives.

Chris Graebe

Jamie Vie

A lifelong businessman, Jamie built a $15MM insurance call center before shifting his focus to eCommerce. Like Chris, he built his Amazon business on nights and weekends before making the jump to full time. In his first year, he saw $350K in sales, and it has only been upward growth since then.

Jamie is constantly studying the ever-changing Amazon strategies and platform. Now, his passion is mentoring others to find their freedom through entrepreneurship.

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