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6 Startup Sectors

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As An Angel Investor, Your ROI Could Look Like This


Turns every $1,000 into $1.7 million!

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Turns every $1,000 into $690,000!

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Turns every $1,000 into $4.3 million!

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6 Startup Sectors

The Best Angel Investments of 2020

Be the first to learn which verticals are ripe for massive breakouts in 2020—and the easiest way to get your cut of the action.



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Meet the Boardroom

Jeff Bishop

“If know me as a stock trader, you would be surprised to know that the majority of my wealth has been created through angel investing. In the past five years I’ve been able to completely transform my portfolio by investing in all different kinds of startups. Now, that opportunity is available to YOU.”

Meet the Boardroom

Jason Bond

“I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people how to build real wealth and take financial control of their lives. I’ve never seen a better way to do this than through angel investing. 10x, even 100x returns happen all the time here. This really is how the rich get richer, and now you can be a part of it!”

Meet the Boardroom

Allan Marshall

“When people ask me what I learned as the founder of XPO, I tell them this: You don’t want to be a founder, you want to be an investor. Investors are the ones who make all the money, investors are the ones who hold all the power.

For a hundred and fifty years, only the rich were allowed to be investors. Three years ago, that all changed. I grew up blue collar and I can say proudly, it’s about damn time.

Meet the Boardroom

Nate Stavseth

“By 28, I was a millionaire. Now, I want to teach other people that you don’t have to spend your life in a cubicle. There’s a whole new way to make money, and it can make you insanely wealthy. My goal is to get as many people into this as possible.”

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